Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's the Little Things

Let's say you are a bowler. We have a lot of them in Michigan, coulda swore I read an article somewhere at sometime that stated we are number one in bowlers per capita or something like that. Lots of bowlers, lots of bowlers who smoke.

Now tell me if this doesn't sound like some bowling alley owner with connections got sued at some point, and pulled some strings to make a law happen.

Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed a bill that provides bowling centers immunity from civil prosecution if patrons wear bowling shoes outside, then slip and fall after returning inside.

The law, originally Senate Bill 281, was sponsored by state Sen. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township, and requires bowling centers to post warnings against wearing bowling shoes outside.

Oh my gosh is this another government regulation?!? Free market! It will cost jobs! Have to leave the state! And all that stuff!

Funny how no one complains when it's the Republicans passing all sorts of new government mandates. They've suggested and passed quite a few this year - hope someone takes the time to add them up one of these days.