Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catnip 6/13/12: Stuff


Another boatload of stuff enters the SF Bay, coming to your house as soon as you fork over the money at your local store.

Yes, news stuff too.

Republican obstructionism. It's not just for screaming bloggers anymore. The NY Times has noticed: "What’s needed now is even more support, including federal spending on education and public-works projects to create jobs, targeted tax credits for hiring, programs to deliver mortgage relief that supports house prices by keeping Americans in their homes, as well as a renewed commitment to financial regulation to ensure that the system doesn’t melt down again. The Republicans — for reasons of ideology and self-serving election-year politics — are determined to block all of these necessary programs."

Hat tip to Georgia Logothetis at Kos, who highlights Dick Polman at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, who says, "Sabotaging Obama: The GOP's job-killing political strategy is working just fine." Please, go on. "Yes, sabotage was required. Republicans knew their prospects for beating Mr. Obama would be damaged if they signed on to a plan that got more Americans working again. They're far too invested in economic misery to let that happen." So glad more people are noticing this and speaking up about it.

Wall Street money is supporting Romney this time around. And if that is the case, the President should step up the message and run against Wall Street. Last I heard, they weren't very popular with the American people. So tie them right around Mitt Romney's neck and make sure the image is burned into the national psyche. That oughta wake up those independents.

Hurray for Ron Barber, who won Gabby Gifford's seat in convincing fashion yesterday. He gets to turn around and run for the seat again in the fall; tea-bag candidate Jesse Kelly will too - but the GOP is starting to sour on him after three losses in a row. Challengers have already filed.

Look beyond the sympathy vote in Arizona to the messaging, and take note, Democrats. Kelly had made statements on overhauling Social Security and Medicare, and that didn't play well with the voting public. Kelly was forced to run ads defending the programs, a sure sign that they had him set back on his heels on those issues. Time to bring up the Ryan plan again. And again. And again. Need more proof? Rove's minions at Crossroads are using Medicare cuts against Tim Kaine in Virginia.

Mr. Gorbachev's wall is still being torn down. The Senate will move to normalize trade relations with Russia soon, disagreements over Syria still pose a problem though.

The U.S. solar market is having a boom year, says a story behind the WSJ paywall. "The U.S. market for solar panels is likely to double in 2012, thanks to government policies and falling prices, although new tariffs on panels imported from China could contribute to slower growth in 2013, according to a new study. U.S. developers are likely to install about 3,300 megawatts of solar panels this year, nearly double the amount installed in 2011, according to the study released Wednesday by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research." Look for this news to be available other places today.

Mother Jones shows us how the SuperPacs avoid the taxman. Worth a read if you want to know how they get around the so-called rules on campaign financing.

Mining on the moon. Soon to be reality, if a couple of private firms have their way. Could make for some interesting international drama, seeing as how there really aren't any rules surrounding that property. So to speak.

And with that, I'm off...