Friday, July 13, 2012

Catnip 7/13/12: Cows in the Fog


A cow grazes below the fog line on Point Reyes. There are designated historic ranches that started in the 1850s on that land - you're expecting the whole thing to be mountains and trees... no, it's farm land. At one point they wander right up and into the road and stare at your car.

Just some random stuff while we savor the Bain fallout...

New from Ezra: "13 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever." The thing I love the most about this is he made a chart that shows the drop-off in productivity caused by constant R obstruction - same thing I did with our Legislature back in 'da day. And he's got much, much more. Take a look. "The 112th Congress has been an embarrassment — and its members know it." That's exactly how the "we hate government" Republicans wanted it.

Headlines you gotta love: "Mitt Romney's 'big lie' on Bain: 6 ways it hurts him." I can think of more the six, but start there.

"Did the Republicans forget to vet Romney?" Another great headline. The answer is no, but a) they are just so arrogant that they think they can get away with everything, and b) who else do they have? You saw the runner-ups, and they would have been a lot worse. Romney was the best of a very sorry lot of contenders.

"Do Bain SEC documents suggest Mitt Romney is a criminal?" Greg Kessler comes to the conclusion that the answer is "no" (darn it), but the headline is pure gold.

Irony alert. "What Citizens United failed to account for, however, is that a significant portion of the money that corporations are spending on politics is financed by equity capital provided by public pension funds – capital contributions that the government requires public employees to finance with their paychecks. This consequence of Citizens United is perverse: requiring public employees to finance corporate electoral spending amounts to compelled political speech and association, something the First Amendment flatly forbids." (sigh)

Economists are predicting slow but steady growth in the economy for the rest of the year. One major reason for optimism: "Economists pointed to surging new car sales as a good economic indicator: a sign that households are confident enough to make a major purchase and that they are accessing the credit markets. It is also a boon for auto businesses — the auto industry reported a 22 percent jump in sales in June, with some carmakers reporting that revenue increased as much as 60 percent year-on-year." Add in lower gas prices and waa laa... re-election? That would be sweet to see the auto industry put the President over the top.

WaPo picks up on my guy. I'll tell you the story someday. And it was a thrill to see Ellen Burstyn again last night.

Yea, it's Friday. I'm off to face the day...