Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catnip 7/25/12: The Games Have Already Begun


More jellyfish from the Aquarium. Strange creatures they are...

Games? We are knee-deep in the games already:

Problem with the latest bogus attack from the Romney campaign? A big backdrop that says "WE did build it!" Even if he means the highlight the singular, it doesn't come across that way. "We" assumes more than one. Big message fail. And it's a huge lie, too, but when has that stopped them before?

And yes, Romney was still at Bain past 1999. Does this guy ever tell the truth?

Obama will hit Romney and the rest of the GOP on the wind production tax credit and the farm bill in Iowa. Pay attention to this one, for politics is local, and those folks in Iowa love both farming and wind energy production. "Obama strategists are seeking to elevate wind energy to one of the central focal points of the presidential election in Iowa. Wind is popular with Iowans, partly because the industry is thriving here. And Democratic strategists consider it a weak spot for Romney, who has so far been non-committal about a wind tax credit that other GOP leaders here champion." Targeted, swing-state specific policy attacks - what a great idea.

Another day, another threat from the House GOP to shutdown the government unless they get to repeal Obamacare. And since this would happen right before the election, please, do so, House. Shut 'er down. America would love to see you keep ignoring the economy for your obstructionist crap right before they decide whether or not you keep your job.

Dilema for the GOP: If they shut down the government, how will they raise taxes on the poor?

More bad behavior: The House will also vote to shut down the entire regulatory system. Yes, you read that right. From The Hill: "The bill prohibits not just the issuance of new standards and safeguards but any action that “is expected to lead to” their being proposed. The legislation might as well just directly order the agencies that were created to protect the public to close up shop (except for enforcement actions) for the next few years. Unhappy that it has been unable to provoke a government shutdown over spending battles or a default on the nation’s debt, the right wing has now come up with a more subtle way to make sure the government can’t do its job."

Remember how Europe had a hard time recovering after WWII because they didn't have any factories or infrastructure? Well, what do you think is happening here in America today? Tom Ridge sends the word of warning: "An increasing reliance on imports, combined with the fraying of the nation’s power grid, highways and rail lines, leaves the United States more vulnerable to the damage of natural disasters and terrorist attacks, according to a report to be released Wednesday by former homeland security secretary Tom Ridge. The report, which Ridge shared with homeland security officials Tuesday morning, warns that the offshoring of U.S. factories means that rebounding from a catastrophe will be more difficult because so many critical supplies would have to come from overseas."

Speaking of Europe, they are looking to slap tariffs on Chinese solar panels too. So far the tariffs haven't made much of a difference here in the US as the Chinese have simply shifted production to Taiwan to avoid the new fees, and the price on panels has continued to fall. Still early days though.

Summary of Romney's foreign policy: HUGE increase in defense spending. "Present a clearer military threat" with Iran. "More military capabilities in the Pacific" to challenge China. Mess with the Russians by "helping Central Asian states and European countries reliant on Russian energy", and review START treaties. Yup, America can go back to being hated around the world for our aggressive behavior, just like we were with Bush. Won't that be fun?

Off to make sure that doesn't happen....