Sunday, November 04, 2012

Got Justices?


It's the court, stupid.

"There appears to me to be no ambiguity for progressives on the importance of the president's reelection with regard to the Supreme Court. A loss by President Obama in November would be disastrous for progressives in terms of the Court. Justice Ginsberg is a strong risk to retire. Justice Breyer is 74. If there are vacancies in the Supreme Court, President Obama will appoint much more progressive justices than will Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee. This issue is as clear as any before us. Add to that the appointment of judges at the appellate and trial level, for many, if not most, progressives, I would hope that this issue alone could persuade regarding the urgency of supporting the president's reelection."

It's an issue that didn't receive enough attention during this campaign, unfortunate because people need to be made aware of the ultimate results behind someone who said, "I would have favored justices like Roberts and Alito, Scalia and Thomas.” 

You think about that. And then go vote.

Right now if you can.