Tuesday, February 12, 2013



At Jack London. "Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire is an eighteen-foot (5.5 meter) tall bronze monument dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity, world unity and care for the earth."

Yeah, yeah, got behind today - but if you read one story, read this one. It tells you everything you need to know about the new and (un)improved GOP:

Sargent: No end to the GOP’s fiscal gimmickry
If this is accurate, then you may as well brace for the sequester cuts to hit, because it shows even more clearly than usual that Republicans view the sequester — which they themselves say will devastate the military and tank the economy — as preferable to giving up an additional penny in new revenues... Republicans are pushing this only several months after an election which revealed them to be entirely out of step with the mainstream American view of the proper balance between new revenues and spending cuts to solve the country’s fiscal problems, and only weeks after they were forced to cave in the last debt ceiling fight. The GOP response to those outcomes is to lurch further to the right, and to double down on the need to peddle fiscal opium to the GOP base.

Happy SOTU, and good luck America. You're going to need it.