Sunday, September 17, 2006

NFL Week 2 & a Blogger on the DL

Yeah, you were looking for political stuff. I know.

Right now I'm having a terrible problem with my shoulder- after a few minutes of typing my right hand starts to go numb and the whole right side from the neck on down through my arm just aches, and it's concentrated in my shoulder. It overwhelms my ability to compose my thoughts- which is hard enough in the first place because I'm usually thinking about 18 different things at once.

What, did all of this look easy? You are so wrong, my friend. ;-)

This pain only happens when I'm sitting at the computer- so I'm trying to cut back and get this healed a bit before it gets worse. It's hard to stop- I live on this machine. You know you are an addict when your behavior causes you mucho discomfort and you still do it anyway.

But when everything in your life is connected to it? What then? From photos to news to this damn blog which is consuming my life and... well, everything. It all runs through here.

So, I must rest the equipment. Or try doing this with my left hand tomorrow if that doesn't work.

Here's the week 2 picks-

Buffalo at Miami

Carolina at Minnesota

Cleveland at Cincinnati

Detroit at Chicago

Houston at Indianapolis

New Orleans at Green Bay

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia

Oakland at Baltimore

Tampa Bay at Atlanta

Arizona at Seattle

St. Louis at San Francisco

Kansas City at Denver

New England at N.Y. Jets

Tennessee at San Diego

Washington at Dallas

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

P.S. One political note and then I'm gone: I've noticed that the media is all over the Amway thing today, from Luke to the DFP to the GRP- many stories.

Good. It's out there. Now, hit him with something else by the end of the week. Keep him on defense from here on out. That's what I would do anyway.

And yes, Mr. Head- going for the "off" button now. :-)