Monday, September 18, 2006

MI House legalizes religious discrimination in adoption

How is the work on jobs and the economy coming along, there, people?

What? More important things to do? I see.

Where did I get this story? The Chicago Tribune.

So, not only do we have the legislature wasting time on divisive bills that legalize religious bigotry, I can't even get the Michigan media to cover it.

LANSING, Mich. -- Private adoption agencies could not be forced to participate in placements that violate their written religious or moral convictions under terms of a bill passed Tuesday by the state House.

The two-bill package passed by identical 69-37 votes. The legislation now goes to the Senate.

The bills also would prevent state or local government agencies from denying a child placement agency grants or contracts because of the agency's religious convictions or policies.

Translation: my tax dollars have to pay for it!

From an HRC e-mail-

These bills would permit adoption agencies in Michigan to deny adoptions to individuals or couples with whom they have a moral or religious objection. The bills would also force the state to support those agencies with tax-payer funds. The effect of these bills is far-reaching. One can only imagine the large number of people adoption agencies may find "objectionable".

They want me to call Hardiman and ask him to oppose these bills. Ha. Might as well wish for money to rain out of the sky, too- the likelihood of either happening is about the same.

People wonder why I don't get more involved with the MI Democratic Party. Well, here is the reason. Too many of them vote right along with the Republicans for this sort of thing.

Twelve Democrats joined the House's Republican majority supporting the bill.

The Democrats voting in favor of the bill were Kathy Angerer of Dundee, Rich Brown of Bessemer, Ed Clemente of Lincoln Park, Andy Dillon of Redford, John Espinoza of Croswell, John Gleason of Flushing, Jeff Mayes of Bay City, Gary McDowell of Rudyard, Gino Polidori of Dearborn, Michael Sak of Grand Rapids, Joel Sheltrown of West Branch and Dudley Spade of Tipton.

Maybe we should send these 12 a copy of the MI Democratic Party platform. It includes this sentence-

"We support full inclusion of LGBT families in the life of our State and seek equal responsibilities, benefits and protections for those families, including the right to adopt and raise children."

At least the Republicans have the decency to stab you in the front. I am so glad that Sak is not my representative it's not even funny.

There. Can't say I'm completely partisan now, can you. I always feel I have one foot out the door with these guys.

A "big tent" should not include some people in that same tent having to forfeit their rights to equal citizenship. If it does, I'm gone.

P.S. Resting the shoulder is helping- but I couldn't help sneaking a few comments in here and there yesterday. ;-)