Monday, October 02, 2006

Dick DeVos: The Unauthorized Biography

If you read one bio this election season on DeVos, let it be this one. Here's an excerpt-

In 1974, just days after his 19th birthday, he was forced by circumstance to take a job sweeping floors at Amway. His father Richard Sr (pictured right either approving transfer of a bunch of jobs to China or from his brief but critically acclaimed show on Japanese TV "Your World with Rich DeVos"), demanded he sweep floors so that years later, when running for Governor, he could say "I had to sweep floors". Off the record, Richard DeVos Sr. was heard to remark "sweeping floors was about all Dick was qualified to do".

Editor's Note: We have received a letter from Amway lawyers saying that Richard Sr. never actually said that Dick was qualified to sweep floors, at least not where the likes of us could have heard it.

Editor's Note 2: We have received a second letter from Amway lawyers saying that they didn't send us the first letter, so we'll let the above stand.

"Plucky Dick" as he was known worked his way tirelessly up the ladder to the position of "Rich Devos's Idiot Son", sometimes working grueling 8 or 9 hour shifts in which he shuffled piece after piece of paper, sometimes working deep into the afternoon and having to arrive late to trips on his yacht.

The story just keeps getting better. And changing. Just like the number of jobs Dick "created" in his fevered imagination.