Monday, October 02, 2006

Governor Debate Preview- Welcome to Thunderdome!

Political geeks are, well, geeked. We have house parties. We have live blogging. We have the Disembodied Head throwing down a challenge. We have Ed Sarpolus pointing out the obvious, just in case we miss it.

Ed Sarpolus, EPIC/MRA polling: "It's going to be a free-form format, so there are really no rules, except distance from each other, so they can't physically attack each other."

Leave the jokes to us, Ed.

Political Analyst Ed Sarpolus says it's likely much of the debate will center on one key election issue- jobs.

Ed Sarpolus: "She'll talk about what she's brought to the state, and accuse him of sending jobs away, and he'll say that he knows how to make jobs and has not sent jobs away."

But Sarpolus says Dick DeVos in particular needs to take this opportunity to address other issues.

Ed Sarpolus: "About a quarter of Michigan voters still say, who is Dick DeVos? Aside from his name, they don't really know anything about him."

Will the real Dick DeVos please stand up? Has he ever?

And the debate will force both candidates to go beyond the rhetoric of TV ads to answer some tough questions.

Ed Sarpolus: "What is your position on abortion, school vouchers, stem cells, intelligent design?"

With just over one month to go in this very tight race, Sarpolus expects a lot of votes could hang on the outcome of the debate as both candidates try to reach out to undecided voters.

Ed Sarpolus: "This could really change the momentum of the election."

Good luck Governor. Watch those run-on sentences. ;-)