Friday, September 07, 2007

Dillon calls out Bishop - Let's go to the video tape

We have the MIRS account of events from last night, but you need to see Andy Dillon come clean on what really happened with the "agreement". He alluded to it before on "To The Point"- last night he came right out and told the truth. Albin called it a "bombshell".

It's a thing of beauty. Since WOOD doesn't YouTube, I created my own- click the picture to see the whole video.

Dillon: I cut a deal with him in May, with the Governor, that I agreed to keep confidential, that did include revenues, and he wants to deny that, and said there was no deal... well, there was a deal, and he backed away from that, and I stayed quiet because the deal was to be confidential.

There was a deal. The Governor sent a letter, she talked about it, and there was six-eight people sitting in a room when that deal got cut, and Mike walked from that, and I bit my tongue because I wanted an outcome. I've been busting my... you know what... to get Mike Bishop to get a bipartisan deal. Every time we have a chance to cut a deal, he walks away. Today he walked away...

"The gloves are off", says Albin, as he cut off Dillon's statement at that point.

Umm... yeah, I guess so.

The rest of that statement comes to us from WKAR.

Today he walked away from a great opportunity for a bipartisan outcome. And that's a tragedy. So the shutdown will be on Mike Bishop's hands, not mine.

The truth about Mike Bishop comes out. Finally.