Wednesday, January 02, 2008

'Dem Primary Blues

I have to admit, I just don't give a damn about the Michigan primary. I probably should preface this by saying I can't remember a time when I did care about a primary or caucus- usually by the time it came around to us it didn't matter who I voted for because the race was already decided. It has always been an exercise in futility, but I still did it anyway. Voting for Dean over the internet was fun, simply because it was over the internet- but I knew by that time it wouldn't have an impact on anything. Might have even skipped it if I couldn't click the mouse.

This time around we had the promise of something that would matter, but then I watched in horror as every. single. Democrat. involved. proceeded to blow this opportunity every. step. of. the. way- so much so that I have really lost interest in what happens in Michigan. I'm mad at all of them on this issue.

Heck, I'm turned off by what is happening in Iowa, even though I knew it was coming. It's become a high-octane media hype event, a different poll showing a different leader everyday, and we will be right there with all the coverage as Aunt Sally makes her way from her doorstep, to McDonald's for coffee, and since she asked for sugar it shows she is now leaning Clinton, because polls show that 57% of people who ask for sugar are Clinton voters, and right to the door of the caucus, and since that door is blue and statistics show that caucus meeting places with blue doors often vote for the perceived underdog she probably will go with Edwards, so stayed tuned for the latest as a bunch of out-of-state pundits and vultures will tell us what this all means because we simply are too stupid to figure it out for ourselves!

Bah. How am I ever going to get through this year?

And the venom I've seen displayed in the blogosphere has been incredible. As I said recently, it's turned into "Who Can Be the Biggest Asshole for Their Candidate" as accusations and bully tactics abound. Apparently, if I support Edwards/Clinton/Obama, I am a traitor to the cause/bad progressive/racist/sexist/DLC-lover/Republican troll who deserves to be banned from the internet/thrown out of the party (that I'm not even a member of)/beat severely about the head and shoulders with a copy of Wellstone's "The Conscience of a Liberal" until I just get with the program and do whatever it is the herd wants me to do today, and be ready for them to change their minds tomorrow, because they can and will decide what is best for me at the drop of a hat based on the newest shred of information that shows *gasp* my candidate is not perfect! And I haven't even really decided on a candidate yet!

So lately, I feel stuck. It becomes harder to rise above the noise. I've begun to dislike all of them based on the behavior of their supporters. That's not good. I should study the issues, get a feel for where they would go, etc so forth and so on, even though I know that whatever they say now is going to be met with the harsh reality of Washington and our domestic/foreign/economic problems and they won't be able to do a fraction of what they want anyway.

Through all of this, I have managed to find one bright spot to the Michigan fiasco- no Dem attack ads. I'm kind of grateful for that, actually, based on everything I said above.

Today the Detroit News tells us that McCain is joining Romney on the air, and the two are going to snipe right at each other. In this corner, we have the Dick DeVos-but-better-looking clone in the Mitt, who has already dropped a cool million on ads in Michigan.

Romney, meanwhile, will run a new ad this week, aimed squarely at the economic worries of Michigan workers. The ad combines images of factory workers and Detroit's skyline with a promise to help make the country more competitive against Asian workers and products by cutting taxes, investing in technology research and leveling the playing field of international trade.

And like Dick, he will cut taxes while simultaneously spending more money! Because he's a businessman! And really, he is a conservative, honest! He wants to "protect marriage" too! Just forget about all those liberal things he did and said to gain office in Massachusetts, because he isn't doing that now, oh no, he has seen the error of his ways and would never pander again!

Damn, dude, that is so 2004. But Mitt isn't alone in dragging out the stale themes.

In the other corner, coming soon to a TV near you, more shades of tactics past- terror, terror, terror all the time, from McCain, who has seen his campaign come back from the dead and is planning to hit the Michigan airwaves soon. Republicans go boo!

McCain's campaign released an ad to be placed on news Web sites in Michigan and other early-voting states that hits Romney on the issue of foreign policy experience. The ad contrasts jarring images of masked gunmen and the apparent aftermath of a terrorist bombing with the accusation that Romney believes foreign policy experience is unnecessary for the next president.

I'm sure the television stations are grateful for the revenue, but, I'm tired of Mitt already. He's on constantly here in GR. If he wins the nomination, I'm going to be really, really tired of him by Novemeber.

And I can only imagine if the Dems were doing the same. I don't want to hate the candidate I'm going to end up supporting, because whoever the Democrats nominate, I'm going to support him/her. We can't take four more years of inept Republican leadership in this country, period.

So, yes, the Michigan primary fiasco really sucks, but at least we are spared the Democrats shooting at each other here. That might work towards our favor in November- most voters are not paying attention like us internet junkies are, and therefore that won't know that Edwards/Clinton/Obama would be the worst thing to ever happen if they were elected.

They might even like them.

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