Saturday, October 25, 2008

Richard DeVos Gives $200,000 to Defeat Prop 2

Daddy DeVos steps up with the cash once again to try to impose his narrow right-wing agenda on the rest of the world. Son Doug gets involved as well. Where's Dick? Well, since he probably is going to run for office again, chances are he doesn't want to appear as an extremist when it comes to denying cures for disease and jobs for Michigan, lest that be used against him someday. The rest of the family has no such problem.

In West Michigan, philanthropists have opened their wallets on both sides of the issue, led by $200,000 from Amway co-founder Richard DeVos in opposition to embryonic stem cell research, according to campaign finance statements filed Friday.


Douglas DeVos, president of Amway Corp., also gave $25,000 to Michigan Citizens Against Unrestricted Science & Experimentation, the committee formed against Proposal 2.

The Michigan Catholic Conference has chipped in $2.79 million to defeat Prop 2, even though 77% of Catholics nationwide support using excess embryos – those no longer needed for in-vitro fertilization – for research. Right to Life of Michigan has coughed up $276,000, while "local affiliates across the state gave tens of thousands more".

The last EPIC poll shows that the ridiculous ads have taken a toll, and the proposal is now a toss-up, with 46-43 favoring passage.

Experts attribute the drop in support for Proposal 2 to the well-funded ad campaign by the opposition that has raised concerns in voters' minds by suggesting its passage could cost taxpayers millions of dollars and lead to human cloning.

Prop 2 supporters say the anti-ads are misleading and deceptive.

Don't let ring-wing extremists like Richard DeVos lie and buy their way to victory - get out and tell your friends and family the truth on Prop 2. Here is the latest ad from Cure Michigan-