Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging For Michigan Troop Care 2008

The Blogging For Michigan community is excited to announce that holiday Troop Care time is here again! The goal of Troop Care is to provide support to Michigan troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From November 11 through November 25, bloggers at bloggingformichigan.com (BFM) will be publishing articles to raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by our troops and our veterans, and we will be BEGGING YOU, dear readers to contribute to the Troop Care fund. 100% of this fund will be used to purchase and ship items such as socks, hand lotion, soap, shampoo, magazines, DVDs, dried foods, etc., to Michigan troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. BFM does not make any money from this effort.

We are proud to say that we are once again joined in our efforts by Troop Care Partner Tri-City Local, who was instrumental in securing approximately $2,000 worth of donations last year, along with those wonderful cards from the kids at Bangor Elementary.

Troop Care will be shipping to Michigan units who have requested items through the website, AnySoldier.com.  By using AnySoldier.com, we can be reasonably assured that the items requested by the troops will reach their intended recipients.

Click here to donate to Troop Care now.


Are you a charity?

No, we're a business under the name of BFM Media LLC, proud to do something good for our soldiers.  In addition to collecting, we are also contributing.  We hope you will join us in this effort.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No.  It is not tax deductible.  We are sending items to service members in Iraq and Afghanistan, which means that contributions are not being used for a "charitable purpose" as defined by law.

Do you have a solicitation license?

No.  We have a letter of determination from AG that none is necessary.  You may read that letter of determination here.  (pdf format)

Will all the funds be used for the troops?

Yes. Absolutely 100% of all funds collected between November 11 and November 25, 2008, will be used to purchase and ship items to Michigan units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where are the names/contact info of soldiers coming from?

AnySoldier.com, which is recommended by the National Military Family Association.  Our own blogger and Iraq Vet, djtyg, says AnySoldier.com is "the real deal."

I want to send something to the Michigan troops directly.  How can I do this?

Just visit AnySoldier.com and follow the link, "Where To Send."  On the left side, there is a drop down link labeled "view contacts sorted by" ... use the drop down list and select "where unit is from."  A second drop down list will appear.  Select "Michigan", and then "go".  Each name that appears is a link to information about that person's unit.  Click on the names to find out more about the unit and what they need.  (See the image to the right)

You will need to fill out a form to get their contact information.

I want to contribute, but I don't want to do business online.  Can I send you a check?

Absolutely!  Make checks payable to:

PO Box 62
Corunna, MI  48817

We have to receive it by November 30, in order to use it for Troop Care.

I'm not a Troop Care Partner, can I still contribute?

Yes, anyone can contribute to Troop Care by clicking here.

What is a Troop Care Partner?

Troop Care Partners are people and organizations who are collecting funds for Troop Care, or who are blogging and publicizing the Troop Care Program on BFM. 

To become a Troop Care Partner, just let us know that you want to participate!  We will get in touch with you to give you more details. 

As a Troop Care Partner, we'll give you prominent mention on the site, and make sure your name is visible throughout the two week program.  And, you'll know that you're doing something excellent for our Michigan troops!

I have a story to tell or a message of concern for the public.  Can I make it a Troop Care post?

Absolutely, if it's relevant to our troops, veterans, or their families.  Bloggingformichigan.com is a community site, and anyone can sign up for a free account and start posting diaries.  If you submit a post that is Troop Care material (and comprehensible, please), we'll put the Troop Care logo in it and tag it, 'troop care'.

If you're a new user, make sure you sign up with an email where we can reach you and verify details. Your diary will get every consideration for front page status.

You can also send us your stories, at bloggingformichigan@gmail.com, and we can publish them for you.

We reserve the right to reject material that is not appropriate.

I have a question not answered here.

Contact us at bloggingformichigan@gmail.com

Enough with the FAQs!  I'm ready to contribute!

Excellent!  Our troops thank you!  Click here to donate to Troop Care now.