Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watch the Budget Cuts Announcement Live

Hat tip to the Lansing State Journal for providing this technology.

Because you really wanted to see Craig DeRoche one last time, didn't you??

Executive Order 2008-21 includes:

• $40 million in program and policy cuts, including closure of one state prison, one prison camp and the Adrian Training Facility for youth offenders;

• $10 million in administrative cuts;

• $29 million in restricted revenue reductions;

• $52 million in savings from lower-than-expected caseloads.

Emerson urged lawmakers to take quick action on the executive order cuts to protect the state’s financial health and the financial well-being of Michigan’s families. He also cautioned that additional cuts will likely be needed this year to address on-going economic challenges.

Once again DHS takes it on the chin - and that's a shame. Fortunately they are looking at corrections reductions. One of the prisons that will be closed is the Deerfield Facility in Ionia, which is just east of Grand Rapids. Already the local news is bemoaning the loss of jobs and money to the community.

All I can say to that is - talk to the Pink Pig. You can't have endless tax cuts and expect to keep receiving from the government. Remember that the next time some Republican keeps crying for "more cuts" - it means reduced revenue and jobs for your city.

The schools and cities were spared this time, next time they probably won't be so lucky.