Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Breathe

Pins and needles.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, believed to be on President Barack Obama's short list to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, will be at the White House on Tuesday.

An administration official confirmed to The Detroit News that Granholm will be at the White House for an event unrelated to the Supreme Court vacancy.

No details are available about the event to be attended by Granholm. The Associated Press first reported that Granholm would be at the White House.

Do dreams come true? This is too hard for me to talk about right now - but I'm willing all my positive mental energy towards having this become reality.

I know in my heart she would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

Good luck Governor. All my best.

UPDATE: And on the other hand... there is this.

The Obama administration is expected to unveil national tailpipe emissions standards Tuesday -- a major policy announcement that could finally end a more than five-year legal battle between California and Michigan.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm plans to attend the announcement at the White House Tuesday.

Let's add it up. WH confirms Granholm on short list. Cancels appearance to go to DC at moment's notice. No one has any details on anything, which fuels speculation fire... and then we get "emissions standards"?


I seriously hate this business sometimes.