Friday, June 26, 2009

L. Brooks Being L. Brooks

As expected, it was confirmed today that GM will build its small car at the Orion plant starting in 2011, "restoring" 1,400 jobs in total in Michigan, beating out the competition in the states of Wisconsin and Tennessee.

Between this and the GE announcement, it has been a great day for our state. You can tell because L. Brooks is feelin' feisty.

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen complained earlier this month that GM wanted a large cash payment as opposed to tax incentives.

Patterson dismissed Bredesen's complaints today as "sour grapes."

"Hopefully he's stuffing all those grapes in a barrel so at least he can have some wine when he's done complaining," Patterson said.
Nice to have you back, Brooks.

Our apologies go out to Governor Bredesen and all those workers in Tennessee. Don't take it personal.

Bob Corker could not be reached for comment, and that's probably a good thing.