Thursday, June 04, 2009

One Month Later, Terri Lynn Land is "Furious"

No one make any sudden moves around Terri Lynn. Seems her reaction time is just a wee bit off. Back on May 5th, it was announced that state employees would be furloughed for six days as part of the cuts we needed to make to balance this year's budget, right? An Executive Order was issued, the press ran their stories, "we must cut government" Republicans such as Mike Cox complained, Terri Lynn Land herself signed the EO....

... and we all moved on to the next crisis, right?

Yesterday, it finally sunk in to Terri Lynn just what it was she signed. One month later. And boy oh boy, was she mad as heck about it! Here is the MIRS version:

"As an elected official, I am astounded. As an administrator, I am disappointed. As a taxpayer, I am furious," Land said. "Unfortunately, it's our customers and employees who bear the brunt of the Governor's decision. Good government must always be our primary concern. This makes no sense. I guess she finally blew me away."

Not only was Terri a bit slow off the ball on the cuts she personally signed, it sure took her long enough to get "blown away", too. Other Republicans were "blown away" long ago, and that talking point is long-past its expiration date as any sort of effective and timely weapon, but maybe Land is behind on keeping up with the MRP diversion tactics as well. Not a good attribute for someone who seeks to be her party's nominee. Pretty sure that they expect strict discipline on their latest irrelevant rhetoric.

Land is yet another Republican who thinks that cuts are for "other people". It's funny how all those that insist on downsizing government seem to think that they should be held immune to sacrifice. Go Liz.

Granholm spokeswoman Liz BOYD told MIRS, "At this difficult economic time, we all share the sacrifice as state departments and employees. It's disappointing that the Secretary of State is demanding special treatment. We still have a $1.4 billion budget deficit looming to solve by Oct. 1. We need to find savings in every department, including hers, and if the Secretary of State has found more savings, we welcome that, too."

When asked if the grievances of Land, who is exploring a run for Governor, are politically motivated, Boyd said, "I'll let others decide that."

Yeah, it's pretty obvious to us that live in real time. Check with Terri about four weeks from now - maybe she will get it by then.