Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MIRS: Dillon Running for Governor

Link goes to MPR:
A state Capitol news service says House Speaker Andy Dillon will announce as soon as Thursday that he's set up a gubernatorial campaign committee.

The Michigan Information and Research Service says Dillon has shot a video that will be posted on the internet.

It says he will announce a Dillon for Governor exploratory committee.

Peter Luke had an interesting little tidbit yesterday as well:

Adding to Cherry's fund-raising troubles were persistent rumors circulating in the state Capitol that political managers in President Barack Obama's White House were keen on keeping a Democrat in the Michigan governor's office. Because of that, they were not discouraging House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township, from running.

Speculation continued Tuesday that a Dillon campaign would be marketed by Chicago-based AKPD Media and Message, which crafted the strategy for Obama's presidential campaign and was founded by White House advisor David Axelrod.

Andy doesn't strike me as having the "fire in the belly" to pull this off, but with the Obama marketing machine behind him... and you know he will have the corporate donors behind him...

I'll ask this again. It's Mike Cox vs. Andy Dillon for governor. What do you do?

Because for me, I really doubt that I would stay home and take a chance on Cox being governor. Or Hoekstra. Or any one of the teabaggin' crowd. I just couldn't do it.

THAT is how the Democrats get you. And today, a part of me hates them for it.