Thursday, January 07, 2010

Teabaggers to Protest Auto Show

Lovely. Will Mike Bishop be supporting the "angry mob" this time around? How about the other Michigan Republicans that are using this extremist group to try and gain support for his or her election - going to make it down for the photo op and give a little speech at this protest?

I'm guessing no.
While conservatives have long protested the terms of the rescues given to GM, Chrysler and the UAW's retirees, they haven't produced nearly as much national ire as on the other topics, in part because the alternatives -- shutting both companies down and throwing hundreds of thousands of workers across the country out of a job -- were far more stark and immediate.

Although the protest organizers criticize "the political elite" for getting into the auto industry, its stated goal wouldn't look out of place in a White House press release.

"What Michigan needs is a responsible auto industry that can become profitable, self sustainable and efficient in ways that provide more private jobs and economic success," the group says in its online flyer for the protest.

And as was just pointed out in the diary below, the auto industry is doing just that already, thanks to the Obama White House and Congress stepping up to help us out. Face it people, as tough as things are now, it would have been FAR WORSE if these companies had been liquidated - but you teabaggers go ahead and bring your wacky signs that protest saving thousands of Michigan jobs.

It will be an honor to tie them to the next Michigan politician who embraces your movement for political gain.