Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Switalski, Thomas Introduce "Pay-As-You-Go" in the Senate

I was pretty neutral on this one, but I'm more inclined to support it now that I know it includes identifying how they would pay for tax cuts as well any new programs. It's so easy to vote to cut, say, the MBT surcharge or whatever, and not show who you would hurt to pay for that. Right, Senator Bishop?

By requiring legislators to identify a funding source for any legislation they introduce that would increase costs or lower revenues to the state, the state would have to adhere strictly to maintaining a balanced budget and stop financially overextending itself. As a variety of government reforms continue to be debated in Lansing, Senators Switalski and Thomas hope that their Pay-Go proposal is given thorough consideration. This policy has already proven effective at ending excessive government spending both at the federal and state level. President Obama proposed reinstituting it at the national level in his State of the Union address last week, and Governor Granholm also has cited it as a necessary reform for Michigan government.

Here's Buzz Thomas on the subject:

Governor Granholm proposed this last week, but as the old saying goes, "The governor proposes, the legislature disposes" - and it's all on you now, lawmakers.

We are going to find out just how serious these guys are when they say they want "reform". Got this feeling she is going to lay it all out on the table, some at the SotS tomorrow, but chances are the real meat will come at the budget presentation on the 11th. It's going to be up to the House to act - we have seen Bishop's lame answer on "reform" already, time for the people who are serious about this to take charge.

Or, stop telling us that you want reform if you are going to refuse to do anything because it's "an election year". Right now, "reform" is starting to become just another empty buzz word that simply means "more cuts", and people are tuning out.

The Republicans don't have any real ideas on the subject, time for the Democrats to step up to the plate.