Monday, July 11, 2011

MI Republicans Get Around to Interfering With Straight Marriage

Well, it's about time. All this meddling with gay couples, you'd have thought that Republicans forgot their main agenda of forcing EVERYONE to live by their idea of what a "moral" life should be.

The way things work in Michigan, a happy couple can apply for a marriage license and then get married within three days if they want to. But, some believe it's time to slow that process down.

"We have so much divorce these days, I think it's a good thing," Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, said. "Just be careful and make sure people really want to get married and really want to be committed."

That's why Sen. Jones joined a group of state senators in sponsoring a package of bills aimed and preserving family and marriage. One of the bills, would increase the time couples could marry upon getting a license from three to 28 days, or they'd have to take a premarital counseling course.

More government regulations for your personal life. And that applies to divorce as well.

The other bills in the package are different, but related. One bill would make divorcing couples with minor children go through a "divorcing effects program." Another would make divorcing parents set up a "parenting plan" before a divorce is granted.

And who gets to judge the veracity of a "parenting plan"? Going to institute more government spending to make sure divorced couples are following the law?

Social engineering, indeed.