Friday, August 05, 2011

The United States of Energy

Alternative Fuel Station map from has redesigned their web site to include some really cool maps; the one above shows alternative fuel stations by state, and the breakdown by region is pretty interesting. Green is ethanol, obviously big in the Midwest. Purple is propane, concentrated in Texas and the South. Electric stations are blue, found mostly in and around the big cities. North Carolina has many biodiesel stations in red - but they are mostly private, available to government only. And so on.

Click here to see the big map and zoom in on any particular area. Every dot is a station, and it gives type of energy, location, and hours open, when available.

There are other interesting maps too - one that caught my eye was Renewable Energy Production by State, which ranks Michigan at No. 24 in the nation.

Renewable sources provide 24.97% of Michigan's energy production, totaling 41.26 billion kilowatt hours. This is 1.87% of total U.S. renewable energy production.

Most of our renewable production is in biomass - which includes ethanol - and that probably explains the (seemingly) high percentage total of nearly 25%. Next is hydro and then geothermal, with wind and solar barely making a dent. We need to work on getting those totals up; wind should take a jump here in the next couple of years when our big wind farms come online.

Other maps include energy expenditures by person, energy consumption by person, total energy production by state that includes gas and oil, Recovery Act projects and locations, and a few others, like grid projects and DOE facilities too.

If you are in to this sort of thing, give it a look.