Thursday, August 11, 2011

When the Real Job Creator Comes to Town, Rick Snyder Runs Away

Rick Snyder, who has used green jobs created by Democrats for his own political purposes at Toda in Battle Creek (batteries), fortu PowerCell in Muskegon (batteries), and Energetx in Holland (turbines), Ford's renovated assembly plant in Wayne (electric/hybrid cars), and probably a few others that I'm forgetting, suddenly has "other commitments" when the real job creator comes to town.

Several Republicans, including Gov. Rick Snyder and state Rep. Bob Genetski, were sent invitations but said they had other commitments.

“Unfortunately, we had already booked him for several events on the other side of the state,” said Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel. Snyder will be represented by an official of the Michigan Economic Development Corp., she said.

How convenient. Or perhaps deliberate, knowing that a side-by-side comparison on job creation policies would find our current governor sorely lacking in that department.

“We're certainly excited for him to be visiting Michigan and for him to learn about all of the exciting things going on in our state,” Wurfel said.

Oh, President Obama knows, because he and the Democrats are the ones who made the "exciting things" possible. The resurgent auto industry (that Republicans would have let collapse), the green energy grants and initiatives (that Republicans fought every step of the way), the targeted tax credits that brought new high-growth businesses to our state (that Republicans now have ended), I'm sure the President is aware of them all.

But please, tell us, what "exciting things" has Snyder brought to our state? You brought it up, surely you can provide some examples, can't you? It's been eight months now. There must be something.

Anyone? Can anyone point out the job creation from the Snyder administration? Anything at all?

Yeah. Thought so.

Maybe it's best if he does stay away. When you put these two together, is becomes glaringly obvious who has created jobs, and who has cut jobs. Probably not a good photo opportunity for the Republicans.

But don't worry, I'm sure Snyder will be available for the next Democratic job creation celebration, when the real job creators aren't around. It's become his forte'.