Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Righteous Veto

Snyder tells arrogant Legislature to stuff it. Back story here.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed his first piece of legislation today after 11 months in office.

Snyder vetoed a bill passed by the Republican Legislature that would prohibit state agencies from enacting regulations with standards that exceed federal regulations.

In his veto message, Snyder said he strongly supports the bill’s goal of reducing burdensome regulations but is concerned the legislation “would inhibit the state’s ability to work with businesses and citizens to ensure that our regulatory structure fits Michigan’s unique profile.”

Critics have said that Michigan has unique characteristics that sometimes call for unique regulations. For example, as the Great Lakes state it might need clean water regulations more stringent than federal rules.

The way Adler put it, the bills would have allowed for stricter regulations, but only if approved by the Legislature, and not at the discretion of the governor or the agencies that actually have to deal with the issues.

Bzzzt. Bad idea. Congrats to Governor Snyder for displaying some sense here, and for showing these yahoos who is ultimately the boss.